Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know you plush furniture, upholstery and cushions attract microbes? And then become a home for them too. Eventually, this leads to bad odors, allergies and breathing difficulties. At Clean4us, we work to eradicate the microbial existence so that you live in a deep cleaned home. By adhering to green cleaning methods our Upholstery Cleaning Services Riyadh promise you a sparkling clean home not on the surface but at an even deeper level.

With tried and tested cleaning method, we ensure the cleaning results will be better than normal soaps or chemical cleaning agents. With specialized training and equipment, our technicians use low-pressure sprays that cause no damage to your upholstery. And at the same time deep clean it from all kinds of microbes with Upholstery Cleaning Services Riyadh.

Advantages of using Clean4U Cleaning services for your loved furniture and upholstery:

  • we work with safe products, thus not only your upholstery but your children and pets live in a safe and clean environment.
  • Promise removal of dirt and stains. Leading to a Like-new appearance
  • Usage of environmental products and methodologies does not expose you to any chemical residue.

Precisely designed and customized services for sofas and any upholstered item, we clean your assets with care. We don’t just remove stains, but apply and effective process to deep clean and prevent all excessive wetting and chemical residue deposition.

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