Marble Care Services

Cleans4U implements a variety of procedures to effectively rejuvenate stone surfaces, including:
• Deep Cleaning
• Grinding
• Polishing
• Stain Removal
• Grout Cleaning
• Repair of Chips
• Cracks and Holes

Cleans4U has the knowledge and experience to revitalize all stone surfaces, including:

Brick and Saltillo – We deep clean, strip and seal a variety of styles.

Marble Polish – After deep cleaning the surface, we perform diamond polishing restore your marble to its original luster at a fraction of the cost of new marble.

Travertine – We hone, deep clean, remove scratches and lippage, fill holes, polish and seal.

Slate – All Stone & Marble beautifies slate through deep cleaning, polishing and sealing.

Terrazzo – We clean, remove stains, hone and polish.

Our staff are experts in polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning and sealing marble, terrazzo and provide stone restoration service for all other stone surfaces, including floors, walls, countertops, patios, pavers, and many more.

Marble Polishing and Crystallizing Services

Marble Polishing and Crystallizing Services Is quite tough and time taking a job to carry out because you need to be so patient to deal with all the activities to be done for your marble floor to be shining and reflecting your image back. Yes, it’s quite triggering but once your floor is polished you won’t regret the efforts, money and time you invested in that particular category. The house looks best when there is a marble floor with some unique designs done to it. So, if you are planning to have a marble floor then make sure you contact a professional marble polisher in the market to enhance the beauty of your house or property.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s like cherry on top of the cake when you walk into a beautiful house with some floral or any kind of shiny design reflecting back your image. You will just love your property when you tend to polish all the marbles in your house or property. It surely enhances the beauty and looks of the particular area after all you are performing extra for the extra beauty.

So, whenever you are spilling anything into the marble floor, I would recommend you to clean it as soon as possible and because it is polished the stain might sit there for a long period of time if not cleansed instantly which is not quite ideal because you just need to contact for another polishing job to be done. Hence, the more beauty of a particular thing the more fragile and sensitive it is. So, yes the marbles can lose shine with time.

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